Hello, this is Adam 101:
My job, cars, bikes, the outdoors, wife, friends, family, braai vleis, networking, bodyboarding, mountain biking, cold beer, the wine lands, easy-over/over-easy fried eggs, drums, card games and being better today than I was yesterday, are some things I value and enjoy. The cup is always half 'full' and I like to make things happen.

This is where I will sporadically document cool marketing campaigns, digital media awesomeness, extreme/action sport madness, my GoPro videos and all things I think are entertaining.

- Varsity College
- Bachelors Degree in Communication Sciences and Business Management (UNISA). 
- Google: Ads,
 Analytics, Tag Manager
- DoubleClick: Search, Campaign and Bid Manager
- Facebook: Blueprint Direct Response
- Bing Ads

- Head of Search & Digital Media @99c.
- Performance driven, highly targeted and measurable online advertising.

- Search, Display, Video, Mobile and Social Media.
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Previous agency



  • Silver Bookmark - Paid Search Category - Prime Meridian Direct (2014).
  • Silver Loerie - Digital Integrated Campaign – Project Trapped (2015).
  • Silver Bookmark - Excellence in Paid Search Marketing (2016).
  • Bronze Bookmark - Paid Search Category - Toyota (2017).
  • Silver Bookmark - Excellence in Paid Search Marketing (2017).

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