Nov 27, 2019

Killarney Motorbike Track Day in Cape Town

Finally! After all these years, I've ridden a race track on my weekly commute. The freedom to ride without worrying about busses, potholes or oil spills on the road. I think two things - I'm glad to have thoroughly enjoyed it slightly past the usual comfort zone and lived to tell the story, and also because it's pretty much as others say, you learn from it and come out a more knowledgable rider.

The groups are fast, medium and slow - all first timers go in the slow group (only one with lessons).

4x 20 minute track sessions. Between each session, there is an advanced driving school lesson.
Groups are paced at different times in 20 minute per hour intervals, so it's like clockwork.
Overtaking is restricted to straights and the outside of corners, so you can hug the inside in peace.

Look for, "Motorcycle Track School":

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