Jul 30, 2012

The Evolution of Drums with Gino Fabbri [and me]

Gino Fabbri, South African comedian and drummer, I dig this! Remember the Evolution of Dance? It's approaching 200 million views. The Evolution of Drums brings back good memories for me... Insanely cool compilation, recorded by smartphones, apparently, with a song selection of note, nicely done! All the classic 80's tunes, even some Johnny Clegg, Nirvana and Shakira's WakaWaka. I'm not just saying this, but it is rad, right to the end. Don't know how he remembers the order or feels the timing!

The good memories? 'Did You Know'... throughout school and studies, drums were a huge part of my life. Always liked them, always will, just not playing nearly as often these days. In grade 5, I started saving for a drum kit, the income was much smaller back then, so things took a while longer for a purchase of this size. Had to be a quality drum kit from the start, to avoid wanting a better one at a later stage, musical instruments are like that. In grade 7, I bought my drum kit, Pearl Export series and it has been with me ever since. I was in a band with two of my mates, Charl and Tim, we were the punk rockers of our world :) having a GOOD laugh right now going down memory lane, good times, some things change, playing music always rocks. I managed to find some pics:

Rocking... or was I? That t-shirt definitely was!
The punk metal machine 4 piece set up.
Full 5 piece kit, double bass pedal and piccolo snare, boom!
School gig with school mates, total free-style session
Cash savings campaign for new cymbals.
First jam... with new cymbals... look at that smile.
Going for a drum session after posting this...

... it was good.

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