Jan 19, 2012

The Bark Side: VW Super Bowl Teaser 2012

"This video is not part of the actual 60-second spot that will be aired during the game. The Bark Side teaser was created to hint toward some of the exciting elements and characters that will be in the Super Bowl spot. Keep an eye out for our 2012 Game Day commercial  it will all make sense" - AdWeek

Yes, this 'canine choir' are woof'ing the Imperial March, Darth Vader theme song from Star Wars. How many characters can you identify? A nice continuation from last year's The Force and Black Beetle (YouTube takeover version) Super Bowl ads. It seems users will be able to create an 'intergalactic invite' for a Game Party in a Star Wars title crawl style, from the 27th of Jan. 
"Feel the force of German engineering"

See the Volkswagen, intergalactic invite teaser message!

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