Dec 14, 2011

Got A Fresher Look, What Do YOU Think?

Yes, I know Blogger is the real cheese of platforms to use, but it does the job for me right now. A simple colour change with some cleaning-up has freshened things up nicely. The darkness and bright text needed to go, the change to a lighter reading area is the right one, in my opinion. The blog is a little wider now, the 'About' and 'Contact' pages have been updated and the navigation text is green as a little reminder of the past.

Check out Before/After and please tune me whether you like (1.) or (2.) below:

The colours since her birth in 2009.

(1.) Too light? Texture comes through better.

(2.) Current. Win. What do you think?

Comment on which you prefer, (1.) or (2.) ... and you could win an iPad  (T's and C's apply) smile

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