Jun 9, 2011

Social Code's Success for Southern Comfort SA

Social Code is an innovative digital agency that offers social media, mobile and development services. Southern Comfort, an alcoholic spirit was founded by Martin Wilkes Heron in 1874 and Social Code were assigned the task of introducing Southern Comfort SA to the consumers in the digital space with a fun and rewarding level of interaction. Based on key competitors in social media, the goal was set for Social Code to build a community around the Southern Comfort brand of around 6000 members in 12 months. A strategy was well thought out and the "Time to Lime" competition campaign was born. Social Code developed a fun and interactive app on Facebook that allowed users to add lime wedges to their pictures and then share them.

Southern Comfort SA
Simple and easy to share, over 926 photos are already uploaded onto Facebook every second. The mechanic simply allowed users to have a little bit of fun with the brand as an extension of that existing habit.
Participants who shared pictures were immediately entered into the competition to win weekly prizes. Southern Comfort SA leveraged their offline activity to re-enforce their digital presence, which was vital to the success of online engagement.

The results were impressive to say the least. Justin Hartman, CEO of Social Code said, "The fan page grew to almost 6,400 fans in a record time of just 3 short months and the consistent adoption rate of almost 100 fans per day was impressive in a South African context”. Matt Visser, a digital strategist who also worked on the campaign added, "What we managed to get right with the team at Social Code wasn't inventing a new mechanic or trying to be too clever, but just providing a fun, simple interaction which was essentially just a little extension to the habitual behavior of their relevant target audience. Being a part of an effective campaign is always rewarding, but it's mostly a result of having regular fresh content and the team dedication to respond to every user action, almost immediately, this is something Social Code is definitely getting good at. Real time interaction, it really helped".

See the Southern Comfort SA Facebook Page.
Catch Social Code's post.


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